Eating Breakfast in Hotels

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While I am on a bit of a hotel theme (having stayed in 5 in the last three weeks), I have a moan about breakfast in hotels. Not about the food although that varies of course.
No, my moan is about the tables. If you go into breakfast on your own or with a partner you are invariably given a table that will only suit two. That’s understandable but, and here’s the moan, why is that that the tables are so small? By the time they have brought you a toast rack, a teapot and maybe a hot water jug to refill it, a glass of orange juice and your cereal bowl there’s no place to put anything. You end up juggling and balancing items on top of each other. The slim vase with the fake flower (and occasionally real one) in it goes on a side plate. The salt and pepper gets put on the edge of the table already to be knocked off when the waiter gets too close. Of course at dinner you’d don’t get all these things at once. They come in courses with the tea and coffee and all the associated bits last of all.
So why not bigger tables?
I can’t imagine hoteliers the length of the countries are going to dart out this morning and completely replace their tables with adequately sized ones but maybe they can make a start by letting you sit, where possible, at tables that can seat four.
At least you’d have some elbow room

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