What are Palidays?

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There has been a survey.
People who have read this blog before will be aware that I am not overwhelmed with some of the information that comes out. And here’s another that can be construed as saying something which may not tell the whole truth. But it does give me a new word,- Paliday.
A paliday is a word coined by the people who did this survey, thetrainline.com, to describe those holidaymakers who have decided to cut costs by staying with relatives and friends (pals)this year rather than use hotels, guesthouses or packaged holidays.
According to 6000 visitors to their website, more than half have had a holiday with friends or relatives. And two thirds are planning to repeat it.
the problem with this sort of survey is that, by its very nature, it includes only those who are interested in train travel and who also want to fill in the survey. All those who don’t use the trainline are omitted so that’s why this may not give the whole truth. Now all of us visit relatives whether we like it or not. Quite often we stay with them. is this a holiday or a chore? We do the same with friends and, sometimes, we stay because of the distance. But is this on the increase? Who knows because this is one survey with a snapshot at one point in time. And I forgot to mention that the survey also says rail travel is up. But it would wouldn’t it otherwise what is the point for thetrainline.com?
But at least we have a new word to impress people down the pub!

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