Into the New Forest

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There is a problem with our National Parks.
They’re big
That means getting to see much of them can be difficult. You either need a car and you spend a long time driving around bits that are not as intereting as others or you take a much longer time and do it thoroughly. But any of us start off with going there just for a day. As novices, we don’t know where to go to see the best views. And the problem with a car is that you need to concentrate more on the driving than on the sightseeing so you can miss things. By the time something is pointed ot to you you’ve passed it and with a stream of traffic it is sn’t easy to do a u turn.
In big cities you have companies who provide hop-on, hop-off tours so you can see some of the main sites (not necessarily the most interesting). Whether you are in London, York, Edinburgh, Istanbul or wherever, there is a tour.
Now in the New Forest you can do the same thing. Actually you have been able to do it for a few years but I have only just caught up with it. the New Forest Tour Bus has just began for business for the Summer and runs until the second week in September. A day ticket costs nine pounds with children at half price and a family ticket at 22.50. there’s a guide which is included in the price.
But here’s the difference with the city tours. There are some cycle rides that can be included (yes the bus can carry a limited number of bikes) and some suggested walks where you can get off the bus and pick it up later.
You can see all the details at www.the

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