Spoilt Brat Business Travellers

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Yes there is such a thing, at least according to Niels Pedersen, the managing director of Supranational Hotels. It seems he equates those that travel on business and whose bill is paid for by their company with more demanding requests. They want all the features available that they can get but they don’t want to pay the full price. He suggests that hotel staff should let these people get their way because if they didn’t there is a chance they will criticise that hotel to their colleagues.
And what does Pedersen suggest hotels do?
He suggests they respond to complaints instantly, override menus where people want something that isn’t on it and immediate repairs for faulty or damaged items in the rooms and public areas.
One slight problem I have with his views.
This should be available to all guests not just those on business accounts. In particular, complaints should be dealt with there and then and not referred to head office or something like that. Just because private guests may not stay at a hotel as regularly as those on business doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a two tier ranking of guests.
The Customer Care Alliance (I should point out that we are a member) has shown over the last five years of research that a dissatisfied hotel guest will tell up to 15 other people of their unhappy experience so come on hotels; treat the consumer just like the business guest. You might find they have more of an impact on future guests than you thought.

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