Been to Durham?

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I’ve just spent the day in Durham.
The students have gone down to be replaced by masses of tourists yet this historic city is only, according to one source, the 17th most popular historic place in Britain. I can’t understand that myself. With the cathedral and castle plus the cobbled city centre and bridges why only 17th? Add the river and the walks along side it, the museums and the old university colleges in the centre and why isn’t in the top ten? Or top 5?
I admit today has been gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky and a temperature in the mid twenties so almost anywhere would seem better.
But I’ve been in Durham when it’s raining and when there has been snow on the ground and it still has an appeal. Bill Bryson, now Chancellor of the University of Durham, famously urged everyone to go there. I can only echo that.
Next month starting on July 4th, they have the two week long Brass 09, a celebration of brass music which is wrapped around an older Durham tradition on the 11th of July, the Durham Miners Gala. (Some events are held at other places in County Durham as well.) You’ve missed the regatta, one of the oldest in Britain so you’ll have to wait until June 2010 for that. But until then, you can still sit and watch the world go by as you watch the river;- and the sights of Durham.

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