Strange Airport Names

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A flight search company called Skyscanner has issued a press release listing some of the strangest and assuming airports around the world. As a piece of publicity it doesn’t really extol the efforts or achievements of the company but it is worthy of mention for providing a little chuckle as the day starts.
The lists of airports you might not want to fly to includes Mafia Airport in Tanzania, Slave Lake, Desolation Sound, Crooked Island, Blood Vein and Deception in Canada. Staying with Canada which seems to have an unusually high count of strange names, they have Old Crow Airport and Gaspe Airport. Hopefully no-one wants to rename that one Last Gaspe.
In Spain, you might get concerned at flying to Moron Airport or Pratt Airport in the USA. Is that any better than Useless Loop Airport in Australia? Combining Ogle Airport in Guyana with with Brest in France gives us an obvious schoolboy thought but I’ve thought the better of it so won’t mention it. Although there is a Batman Airport in turkey, there seems to be no Superman Airport but there is a John Wayne Airport and as a cowboy movie hero before he became famous he never seemed to lose his hat in a fight so maybe he counts as a film superman!
It’s all getting a bit daft so I’ll just list one more from Papua New Guinea, Tsili Tsili Airport. Which sums up this piece as well!

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