Your Holiday Spending Money

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The longest day has come and gone so Summer must really be around the corner. (Apart from Wimbledon when traditionally it will rain and feel more like early Spring) The Scottish schools will break-up shortly for the holidays and, after the packing, comes the thought of how much we will get for our money if we go abroad. Staying at home or travelling on some cruise ships where everything is in sterling gets over this issue but for the millions that go abroad they are not helped by a story from Sainsbury’s that spending money has been hit by the decline of the pound. Sky News makes this one of their major internet stories despite the fact that stories have been running like this for months.
Yes they are right, it does cost more compared to last Summer but this is one of those half full/half empty stories and Sainsbury’s/Sky News chose only the negatives. The positive side is that compared to a few months ago the pound has strengthened so you will do slightly better than you might have thought. It has even appreciated against the Turkish currency so you will do slightly better. And in a few weeks time the pound might have improved even more given the fact that the pound seems to be on an upward trend. (Hope that doesn’t mean it will drop today now that I have said that)
The other thing is that when you get to your destination some prices have gone down. Thailand, where the baht has appreciated by about 14% against the pound, has offers for tourists once you get there. In USA, you can still eat out cheaper than here provided you don’t want Michelin star service. In France, Spain, Greece and Italy public transport and fuel is cheaper than here
Forget the moaners who are trying to depress you before you go. What they don’t say is that a holiday whether it be here or abroad is a great tonic and that almost alone justifies it.
Enjoy yourself instead

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