Athens Museum Opens

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Nearly every place of any size in the UK has a museum. They were developed so that the public would have the opportunity of seeing things that had been given by generous benefactors who had found them or bought them. These finds could come from anywhere in the world. Millions of us visit our museums every year helped in many cases that so many are free
The adventurous spirit of people who could afford to go on the Grand Tour around Europe in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and then of those Victorians who scoured the world as part of the growth of empire has left us having a rich legacy. Some have so much that few can be displayed.
Not hidden away are what are sometimes referred to as the Elgin marbles in the British Museum. These are one of the big attractions and Greece has been asking for their return for many years. One reason given by the BM for not returning them was that there was no suitable museum to house them.
Now a new museum opens in Athens today. Until the end of the year it will cost just €1 to enter. You will find plaster cast copies of the Parthenon sculptures in the museum. See what you think of the potential home by visiting the English language version of the museum site at

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