Holidaying Using the Train

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I’ve had a few days off so there has been has been less than usual posted.
My break has been a bit unusual in that I have done it all by train. One thing it has taught me is that not many trains offer wifi free or otherwise. And having spent most of the time in remote parts of Scotland getting a signal has been a bit difficult as well.
Why by train?
Because a lot of us get to our destinations by train, be it the Ayrshire, Devon or Cornish coasts, the Lake District, Aberystwyth or Margate. And for city breaks who wants to deal with the traffic in London, York or Edinburgh? Another reason for using trains is because I’ve been using up some for the bargain offers that have been around. National Express East Coast had £9 single tickets on sale a month or so ago and I combined that with the £15 return ticket to anywhere in Scotland that Scot Rail have on offer from May until the end of June. (this £15 ticket is only available for those over 55)
So my wife and I have gone from London to Edinburgh to Glasgow to Aberdeen and home again with a total travelling cost of £43 each (Edinburgh to Glasgow cost £10 each)
Was it worth it?
In money terms it was terrific value bearing in mind I could have got as far as Wick. The trains were pretty busy and you need to move around as the joints do tend to stiffen up. But they were clean on the whole (some idiot on a National Express train had stuck 6 bits of chewing gum down the side of my table tray in one train!) and were never late by more than a few minutes. You can see more from trains than driving so I got to see the coastline as we ran from Berwick-on-Tweed to Edinburgh and intermittently from Dundee to Aberdeen. As for relaxing, train travelling makes you sleepy, maybe because apart from reading and eating there isn’t much else to do. In the Grampians, in order to explore outside Aberdeen (there are supposed to be more castles in Aberdeenshire than any other county) we did hire a car for a day and went exploring. In Edinburgh and Glasgow there was no need because a day pass on the buses is inexpensive and the coverage is good.
Would I do it again? Yes. Next year I aim to get to Wick and spend a day in the Orkney’s as well. (provided there are similar deals running.)

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