Information for Tourists During a Strike

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For the rest of us not in London, we might not have been aware of a two-day tube strike in London. From the media reports before it began, it seemed as though a total shutdown was in place. Cometh the day, however and it was not so clear cut.
Yesterday I got into London Kings Cross at about 18.30 and I had to get across to Waterloo to pick up another train. I had two options. Either a 59 bus or use the Bedford Brighton line which goes through St Pancras and meanders through South London from where I would be able to change. But I did have a third operation. The tube.
You wouldn’t have known that though from my guard on the National Express train that I picked up in York. About 10 minutes before we arrived he told everyone on the train that there were no tube lines running at all. Did no-one at national Express try to establish the facts that some tube lines were running? For visitors unsure of how to move around London, a true update would have been helpful. As it was my Northern line tube was relatively empty compared to how it can be in the rush hour.
For the return journey this morning I checked with the Transport for London website at about 6.30am. It’s last update was 16.30 yesterday afternoon,- even before last night’s rush hour. BBC London was better with only half hour old updates.
Some tube lines were working albeit they were busy. But there were lots of people around to help and explain so praise to them.
And I made the Flying Scotsman for the return journey. As I pass through Stevenage, I still think that visitors who try to plan deserve better information in advance. We need those visitors. they need to be able to be sure of that information and not exist on the old news peddled by the TfL website and the National Express guard.

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