Advice for Travelling Safely By Air

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As the Summer holidays near, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has taken the opportunity of issueing revised guidelines on what you can and cannot take on an aircraft.
If you book through a tour operator, they will have a copy of the leaflet that you can request.
On the CAA website you can download a copy or just read it there. The website link is
Anybody who travels fairly regularly will be aware of the retrictions but for those of you who travel less, I urge you to read it before you fly, in particular what you can take on board as hand luggage. A number of people are stll carrying liquids on board that are above the 100gm limit and these get confiscated.
Be also aware that if you are changing flights during your trip, some airports don’t allow you to carry any duty free quantities you’ve bought onto the next flight and say they should be in your hold luggage. That of course, is impossible since it is being transferred from aircraft to aircraft usually so someone ends up with your fifteen year old malt whisky.
Do check before you fly. It is still good aavice.

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