Ski Holidays Getting Expensive?

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Yes I know. Summer isn’t properly here yet and I’m writing about skiing. But the glorious weather of last weekend has gone to be replaced by showery and rather cool weather. Not quite ski weather but the tour operators are out there already telling us that it will be more expensive this winter.
The largest supplier of ski holidays, TUI, which has Thomson and Crystal in its portfolio has removed 36 chalets from this coming winter. Prices like the cheap chalets at £199, we are told, won’t be around this winter and some are talking of price rises of 15-20%.
Is this going to happen?
Is this the industry shouting wolf so the skiiers amongst us book now rather than hang on thinking there will be deals?
The short answer is that there will always be late deals. Some company will have something to shift somewhere and will discount to try and get us there. The industry gets nervous anyway that we wait until the last minute so we can judge the snow covering. Warmish winters have resulted in some resorts not being able to “guarantee” decent snow so waiting sometimes makes sense.
But the usual rules apply. For the most popular areas at the most popular times, you probably have little choice because places will probably go. For the rest? Sometimes you can win and sometimes you can’t. The industry is hoping that, having cut capacity, supply will match demand so prices don’t have to match those of last winter Only in about nine month’s time will we know who is right.

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