Stress Stops Us Taking Holidays

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It’s time for another in our series of odd surveys.
This time it is one commissioned by Teletext Holidays. It suggests that people are unwilling to use all of their holiday allowance for fear they will use their jobs. Over a quarter of us fear that taking too much time off can make a person potentially more likely to be made redundant.
Are we really so gullible?
Holiday entitlement is enshrined in law, the minimum being 20 days off. To be fired because they are not taken would land any employer in front of a tribunal.
96% of us reckon we must have a holiday for health reasons and to relieve stress. But for the reasons above we don’t follow what we preach. 90% of us think a holiday is a perfect way of reducing stress and 81% of us think we are more productive after a break.
Looks to be like another survey in search of the blindingly obvious. And for a company to get publicity.
Of course, this has nothing to do with Teletext Holidays using this survey to say you should take a holiday for your health, and coincidence of coincidences, they sell holidays.

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