A Taste of Spain. But Hurry

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The Spanish Tourist Office has put together a new event in London. Previously it had hosted a show to sell its tourism to the travel trade. This year it has added a consumer element but you need to be quick to enjoy it. It started yesterday on the South bank in London near Borough Market at Green Dragon Court (nearest tube/mainline is London Bridge).
There are stalls giving you samples of wine, cheese, chorizo and other food as well as information on Spain. There are cooking demonstrations and last night there was jazz. Today it ends with more live music.
So for those near to or in London, the event starts today at 11.30 and will probably end at about 8.30 tonight. It starts with music from the Balearics and apart from the five rows of stands, 31 in all, at which you can sample the goodies there are cooking demonstrations throughout the day. And what looks to be the biggest dish I have ever seen to cook paella.
And it is all free.
Unless you want to buy after you’ve tried the samples.
The aim is, of course, to encourage us to think about going to Spain this year for our summer break. Spain has had a slump in tourism (A slump for Spain means it loses some as many tourists as some small destinations get in a full year!) The encouraging news from the Spanish Tourist Board is that hotel prices are being reduced and there are plenty of holiday offers. As tourist hot spots for this year like Egypt and Turkey are nearing capacity and prices rise to fill the last rooms, Spain will seem increasingly like good value.
If you can’t find A Taste of Spain, head for the sound of the music or ask anyone of seemingly dozens of people I saw yesterday wearing straw hats with Madrid written on them!

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