Did You Go Away at Easter?

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I know it seems a while ago now but one of the specialist companies that keeps track of how many people stay in hotels and what people pay, PKF Hotel Consultancy Services, has published it’s study of what the Easter market was like in the U.K.
Overall, outside London, the price of a room dropped from £78.17 a year ago to £69.43 and only 63.9% of rooms had guests as opposed to 77.5% the previous year. Liverpool had the biggest drop, then Manchester and Birmingham. In London the price of a hotel room dropped to just over a hundred pounds a night but that helped to generate a small increase in the number of people who stayed.
Edinburgh was a bright spot. There a drop in prices to an average price of £80.46 a night managed to stimulate a 6% rise in the number of hotel guests.
So what does this all mean?
For us, as hotel guests we are paying less, in some cases a lot less, for the hotel rooms we book compared to a year ago. That’s good for us as consumers. For hoteliers, it means that such a sizeable drop in the room rates they can charge means they have to seriously look at their costs. Some won’t manage to cut costs sufficiently if this downward trend continues. Some will be able to make savings through efficiency and reducing staff and some will be able to make it through because they were charging too much already. PKF called these results dire. For hoteliers they may be; for consumers enjoy these prices because I’m not sure how long it will be before tourists coming to our countries due to the currency exchange rates will cause prices to rise again.

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