National Family Week

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Today is the last day of National Family Week. Did you know?
This completely passed me by. There seems to be nothing about in it our local press and the first I heard of it was on Thursday when my copy of a trade magazine arrived, “Marketing Week.” Instead there was a large insert promoting the week which amused me since we were already over half way through the week. Either a mistake, I thought, or a waste of money given that by then all of the supporters and sponsors would have been committed. At least they managed to organise it during half term.
This is the first such event. Gordon Brown supports it as does Legoland, Butlins and Pizza Hut. It seems there were over 1000 events organised across the country including the largest ever picnic with which they were hoping to enter the Guinness Book of Becords. 14,000 people seem to have helped out and they may well have won.
Today is a day for family reunions it appears.
There have been events from Glasgow to Bromley and Norwich to Hanley. Sports, film and book events have been held but did you know of it?
I’d be interested whether, in your part of the world, you were aware of this or did it pass you by as well.

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