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We are in full swing for outdoor events now. We have had the Chelsea Flower Show, the Bath & West and even the slight one day event pretentiously called the Surrey Show. Now it is the turn of the big one in Scotland, Gardening Scotland 2009.Th three day event which started yesterday celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.
Based at the showground at Ingliston, just in front of Edinburgh Airport (You can actually walk there from the airport if you are so minded. It takes about 10 minutes), this show is fairly typical of ones seen the length and breadth of the countries. there are the displays, the stalls, the advice areas, the experts and all the gardening paraphernalia you might want like hammocks and expensive garden hot tubs.
So why did I single out this show rather than others to comment on? Well apart from the really good weather in Scotland this weekend which will make either today or tomorrow a really pleasant day out, it offers another feature. Most shows have judges, weaned on gardening shows over many years who award prizes that represent their opinions. Nothing wrong with that; they should know and the GBP (Great British Public- last time I use the words in this blog; only initials from now on) like disagreeing with their decisions. So know the GPB has their opportunity. Gardening Scotland has decided that visitors can make their choice of what they think is the most outstanding feature of the show. Sponsored by the “Sunday Post,” all visitors yesterday had the opportunity to vote. If you are going today or tomorrow it’s too late. The results will be announced later.
Just like so many things, it will be interesting to see if the GBP disagree with the judges.

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