Holidays on the London Underground

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It seems to me that, this year, there are more adverts on the tube in London than ever before for holidays. Not only on the tube trains themselves but on the posters on the stations and by the escalators.
I was up in London to go and see the musical, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. (well worth a visit if you were thinking about it) Posters for Tunisia, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, Isle of Man and Turkey seemed to crop up the most. I did wonder whether it was just me but my wife said she also thought there were more than usual as well.
Could it be that the tourist authorities are still working hard to get us to visit their destinations when most of us, by now, would have booked? We are told there will be more late bookers than ever before. We are told there will be more of us holidaying in the UK so that might explain why there seemed to be a lot more British destinations. I’d be interested in seeing whether this level of advertising is only in London or throughout the countries. In June I shall be in Scotland, the North East, South Wales and the South West so I shall be keeping an eye out as I try and find out what tourist authorities are thinking their prospects are for this year
Certainly if the tube is anything to go by, it does look as though destinations are still working hard to persuade us that theirs is the place we must go.

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