BAA Decides to Fight To Keep All It’s Airports

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BAA has decided that it isn’t going to give up any of it’s airports without a fight. It seems that they have decided to waste more of their money pursuing this idea despite the fact that, to just about everyone else, it seems like a good idea to stimulate a bit of competition. Could it be because of the price since recent estimates seem to value Gatwick at a lot less than they do?
And yet it seems they have have thrown the towel in as well.
I had a letter from BAA World Points telling me that they would no longer be available from Gatwick (my preferred airport from which to fly) from the end of June. World Points is the BAA loyalty system which operates across all of their airports. You get points for booking car parking, spending money in the duty free and so on.
Now if BAA really planned a fight of it wouldn’t you have thought they would keep their loyalty system going? Doesn’t this one act alone tell you that they were prepared to let Gatwick at least go?
Or is this just a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing.

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