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Yes we all know that more people are staying and holidaying at home this year but what sort of holiday are they taking? Many “experts” went no further than that. But it appears that this year camping is making a big comeback. Always popular with backpackers and students, it appears that the market has grown by at least a quarter in 2009 and may go higher still.
A travel insurance company, LV= has published the results of a survey that shows that Cornwall is the most popular spot with the Lake district, Devon and the Yorkshire Dales not far behind. It also shows that twice as many people as last yer are considering a camping holiday.
I think camping is for a particular sort of person; the person who can put up with life’s little travails like lack of comfort and … Well that will do for a start.
I have only been camping twice and am now firmly convinced that it for other people rather than me. The first time, the heavens opened and a deluge came, so strong, that it came through the fabric of the tent. I spent the rest of the night sleeping in the car. The second was when I spent two weeks under canvas on an archaeological dig in Essex. It was in winter and I was surprised at how warm as small tent can be when lit be just a candle. With a juice bottle filled with hot water acting as an electric blanket for my feet, I was still glad to be out of it. Thirty years after that and I have no desire to face a tent again.
But lots of you obviously love it because, according to LV, you will be spending an average of 450 pounds on the trip which is more than a hotel could cost .

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