Your Local Airport and You

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June 1st is the closing date for the public to make their views known to the government about what they think of their local airport; its standards and its services. You can do that by a couple of ways. You can either e-mail or write to the Department of transport or you can complete the survey that Co-op travel has running on its website,
The Co-op has run one survey in the last couple of weeks to assess the service at British airports. the biggest level of dissatisfaction was with something that I know little about; baggage reclaim. About two thirds of you are unhappy with how it functions. Years ago I decided that I’d only fly with hand luggage. Its a discipline that I have kept to (unless my wife is with me and even she manages to fly without hold luggage sometimes) because you only take what you need. And it saves such a lot of time when you land.
Not far behind in this survey was the choice and quality of the catering provided at some airports. It has become standard fare in most places with chain store provision. Starbucks or Costa Coffee, Macdonalds, Burger King, the obligatory Irish pub, TGI Friday’s and maybe a Harry Ramsdon. What happened to individuality?
And what would people most want? the Co-op says 24 hour access to all the facilities, more comfortable seating and more seating.
Well if you have views you have only just over 10 days to let the government know. Who knows. they make even take notice!

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