Margate & The Apprentices

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I have never watched an episode of “The Apprentice” before but last night’s much heralded programme about a makeover for Margate made me decide to watch it.
Never again.
If the quality of the campaign from either team is anything to go by then tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are going to do a lot for UK plc. Thankfully they don’t represent the quality of most of the entrepreneurs, merely those who want an ego boost by appearing on TV.
One team decided that it would rebrand Margate as a holiday centre for gays; the other as a family holiday destination. the quality of the work wouldn’t have tempted me to visit Margate. Judging from comments in the national press and ao radio and TV this morning the appeal of Margate was reduced to an also ran; the important news being whether editing had removed homophobic comments from the lady who was fired.
The tourism panel who assessed both teams opted for a fmily approach but there wasn’t a lot that they said that would encourage me to visit it.
I suppose that Margate, when approached by the BBC, thought any publicity about Margate would be good publicity. And a good few million people would see the programme. Well the efforts were poor and the team from margate didn’t come across as necessarily dynamic either.
Margate deserves better.
Margate deserves better.

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