Camber Sands and the Day Trip

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Last week I was talking about the seaside resort and how some people are turning to it as a comfort in the same way that chocolate is.
So off to Camber Sands to see how busy it was on a warm late spring weekend. For those of you who don’t know it, Camber Sands is in East Sussex near Rye but the closest big town is Hastings. It has a long sandy beach that, as a kid, seemed to stretch for miles. And dunes that went on forever. Partly covered with grass they gave protection to you as you built castles but out of their protection and some days you could really feel the winds. Today it hasn’t changed much. It is still a seaside village. It hasn’t been filled with chain stores. There are the fish and chip shops and the ice cream and souvenir places and the caravan park. But now there is a Pontins as well. But it still remains about as traditional as you can get with no big nationally branded hotels, they are mostly B&B;’s or guest houses (still not quite sure of the difference).
Last weeeknd it was pretty busy but were they locals or people who had driven down for the day? Because it isn’t really height of the season, or even close to it, I was surprised at how many peopole were there. But that could be due to the weather. The shopkeepers seemed pretty happy with business so far and were looking forward to the summer with relish. After the last two wet summers, they seemed to think this might make up for some of it. And why do people come? One couple said because they had been do so since they were kids. Another because of the sand and the safety for the kids. And yes there were quite a few from London and one family from Birmingham
So maybe the seaside is a comfort feeling like chocolate. At least at Camber Sands.

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