Chocolate, Lipstick and the Seaside

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For chocoholics everywhere, chocolates!

It is said that during this economic crisis sales of chocolate and lipstick have gone up.
Because people are finding comfort in them. They are inexpensive, they are moreish and they make you feel happy after using them. Where the Mars bar used to be held up as a guide to economic activity, sales of these products during this recession might be being used by some economist somewhere to determine the length of the recession.
I suggest another belweather.
The seaside.
For many of us, going to the seaside was the first sort of holiday we had. You might have just gone for the day, had a paddle, built a sandcastle and had an ice cream on the sands but it was something you looked back on. In your memory, the days were sunny and the sea was warm. The castle was the best anyone had ever built and the ice cream was not like the ones you get back home. It was much better. Most of it was seen through rose tinted glasses and I think that during this recession we are looking back at some of the things that seemed enjoyable and many of us try to recreate it.
One of the reasons so many people are holidaying at home this year is because of exchange rates. It isn’t necessarily cost because some UK holidays cost more than overseas ones. But I think there is a group of us that yearn for the great holidays of our past. As we were when we wre young and our parents and grandparents took us to Skeggie or Barry Island or Blackpool or wherever. And now we look for the comfort of that again. Which is why some traditional seaside resorts are doing well in bookings this summer. And some hotels. Not the modern 200 roomed hotels. The smaller ones with 20-60 rooms; the ones where meals are at set times and where the floorboards creak. The ones where you still have a key to enter a door and the food is almost traditional British fayre. Only the Basil Fawlty type hoteliers have gone, thank goodness.
It’s comfort some of us are seeking and like lipstick and chocolate, the traditional seaside and some of its hotels gives us that.

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