Getting Upgrades: the Sky Steward’s Idea

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There are lots of suggestions that have been made as to how to get upgrades. Wear a tie, carry only hand baggage, say you’re on your honeymoon ( helps here if there are two of you), going to your mother’s/father’s funeral are some suggestions that have been made.
The Sky Steward is an actual member of a cabin crew on an American airline. As I have mentioned before, he has a website and regular articles on looking at passenger air travel from the point of view of an insider. He suggests an “Upgrade Bag” which he claims, has a 57% chance of success which is high by anyone’s thoughts.
He suggeste that you create a gift bag which should contain things like cookies, posh chocolates and posh popcorn. This you present to the Flight Service Director or the purser of the flight for it to be shared amongst the crew. He says this even got him an upgrade on an Air Canada flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto.
Is it bribery he asks? Yes it is and it’s a bit blatant given that you’re told to only take one bag on board. That aside, it might be worth a try. I have probably flown over 150 return flights in the last ten years and I’ve never seen this idea before so for just being unusual it might stand a chance. In all that time I have been upgraded only twice, once on United when the flight was full and I offered to step down since I had no reason to get there on that flight and secondly because someone I knew knew someone who knew someone. Apart from that it’s good old economy.
If anyone tries this let us all know. Even if it doesn’t work

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