Combining Tourism and Advertising

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There is a little railway line that runs from Reading to Gatwick Airport via Guildford and Dorking. Going through countryside for most of the journey, passengers can stare out of the windows and watch the meadows, traffic as it veers by roads and sheep with advertising on their sides.
Yes you read correctly and no it isn’t a late April fool’s day joke.
After you leave Dorking on the way to Reigate you will pass a field where sheep have been daubed with an advertising promotion for Acting as woolly billboards, it will be certainly different for passengers, some of whom may not believe their eyes. The endless supply of ready made puns about sheep will be resisted by me other than to question the woolly thinking behind such a campaign. Would it encourage me to use to book my next ticket? And would my advertising work if the sheep are facing the wrong way?
Or maybe it would encourage tourism because people will go and look to see how daft things in the country can be.

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