The Bank Holiday Getaway

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Today will probably be the first big getaway of the year. People will stream out of work this afternoon and head for cars, trains and airports to enjoy the most of the bank holiday weekend. And oddly enough for a bank holiday it looks as though it will be fine and warm for most of the country.

For those of us driving away for the weekend, there is the usual chance of motorway congestion in addition to the roadworks that seem to turn roads into obstacle courses to face. And this year, there is another feature to drive us to despair.

A survey with the flashing warning signal called ALARM (Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance) has said that the number of potholes on our roads has jumped by nearly a third in the last year. It seems we can only travel about 120 yards before coming across another of these things in the road. Swerving to avoid dumping a wheel in what sometimes seems to be a trench is not uncommon around where I live. One little stretch of road seems to have more paint marks around holes than black tarmac.

So why so bad? The sharp winter snows and frosts won’t have helped. The rest must be due to either under investment or shoddy road building. I doubt whether it is due to thinking like the Naverstock council in Essex who seemed to think that potholes could be used as a cheap form of speed restriction.

I plump for under investment. Which means as you drive this weekend watch out. If you are travelling at just 30 miles an hour you will face 440 potholes in just one hour’s driving.
Maybe I’ll just walk somewhere this weekend.


Combining Tourism and Advertising

There is a little railway line that runs from Reading to Gatwick Airport via Guildford and Dorking. Going through countryside for most of the journey, passengers can stare out of the windows and watch the meadows, traffic as it veers by roads and sheep with advertising on their sides.

Yes you read correctly and no it isn’t a late April fool’s day joke.

After you leave Dorking on the way to Reigate you will pass a field where sheep have been daubed with an advertising promotion for Acting as woolly billboards, it will be certainly different for passengers, some of whom may not believe their eyes. The endless supply of ready made puns about sheep will be resisted by me other than to question the woolly thinking behind such a campaign. Would it encourage me to use to book my next ticket?

And would my advertising work if the sheep are facing the wrong way?

Or maybe it would encourage tourism because people will go and look to see how daft things in the country can be.

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