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Last year just over half a million visitors came to London then had come in the previous year. Spending by those tourists rose to 10.5 billion pounds. Masked by those figures, however, is the fact that overseas visitor numbers are down but visits by us to London are up by a million to 11.3 million.
Now London is launching a campaign to persuade all of us to come to or return to London. Under the banner “Only In London” they are publicising 100 London sights that they claim even the residents might not know. They hope this investment of 2 million pounds will yeid up to an extra 60 million in revenue. And to kick it off they had a four page wraparound around the Evening Standard yesterday which had some 20 of those sights.
Forgive me as someone who knows London (but doesn’t live there) but some of the suggestions seem quite well known like marvelling at the collection of mummies at the British Museum, visiting Tate Modern, seeing a red panda at London Zoo or going to the free National Portrait Gallery. I quarrel with none of these choices of things to do but are they unusual for the visitor? Holding a bar of gold at the Bank of England? Now that’s a different idea. A cruise on the Regent’s Park canal is different. And come to think of it, this weekend sees the annual canal cavalcade of boats at Little Venice. There should be about 150 of them and since good weather is forecast for this bank holiday weekend,it will make a pleasant day out. See the link below for more details.
And if you want something cheap to do try walking on the south bank from Southwark Bridge to Waterloo Bridge. You can pass Shaespeare’s replica Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, National Theatre and the National Film Theatre, the Hayward Gallery as well as the book marker, thegardens, restaurants and just watching the river and the boats go by.

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