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There was a fascinating piece of news from Google last week which was announced at a conference hosted by Travolution, a specialist travel trade publisher.
Research by Google shows that if you book online, on average it takes you 29 days to make up your mind. Before finally booking, you visit 22 sites and make 12 online searches. By the time you have done this, discussed it with whoever and made up your mind almost a month has elapsed.
This research, of course, covers the Google website and misses the other search engines but Google is the biggest so you there is probably something in what they say. The internet has a reputation for being easy and for delivering fast results. Travel agents and traditional travel companies have often said that we use the internet for research and then a large number of us still prefer to use the travel agent to book our holidays and trips.
So what does this research mean?
I think we still like to look around a great deal. In the old days when I would visit friends just after Christmas the piles of holiday brochures they had may have been replaced by a a pile of websites. A lot of us aren’t rushing in. We are carefully considering what is about. A large number of us may not be being seduced by time offers, you know the sort of thing. Book in the next 24 hours and save £5.
More interestingly is why we are visiting so many sites. Is it a case of not trusting some? Is it the fact that we think we have a wider choice and expect there to be very different pricing or offers across these sites? Is it that sites are so complicated that we visit so many in order to get to those that are uncomplicated and easy? Or is it something really simple such as a liking for looking at travel websites?
Who knows? But I bet the travel and holiday providers would like to because this research will make them think.

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