A Holiday for St George’s Day?

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Not only is it St George’s day but Shakespeare’s birthday as well. No further on are we in the discussion of whether we should have a public holiday to celebrate England’s saint’s day. (Although for this year, I think there is an argument for having a day off after yesterday’s budget. Maybe we should have a day off after every budget to cheer us all up!)
It is still only St Patrick who gets a public holiday and then only in Ireland. England Scotland and Wales still talk about it but nothing happens. The racing broadcaster, John McCririck, was on GMTV this morning putting the case for a public holiday but his argument linking British troops (not English but St George is also the patron saint of Christian soldiers) and why we should have day of celebration was lost on me. After all. we all know that St George wasn’t even English. He may have been Greek and today it is eastern Europe that he is most widely celebrated. It seems the French may be responsible for our links with St George. In the 600’s, he was widely venerated there so when the Normans invaded in 1066, his appeal came with them. If we must have a saints day how about St Thomas a Becket day to celebrate standing up to the government of the day. If someone else, what about King Alfred.
But do we need a holiday so close to Easter?
I still think that the time for a holiday is between September and Christmas when we have that long drawn out nearly 4 months of darkening nights and no breaks. Get rid of one of the bank holidays in May and move it to October so the autumn gets a break as well.

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