is it Cheaper to Holiday Abroad?

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Thomas Cook runs a Holiday Cost of Living Survey and the results have just been published. It claims that places like Majorca, Cyprus and mainland Spain are still cheaper than the UK. But all these places are in the eurozone and we have been told that the eurozone has become expensive because of the fall of the pound against the euro. Can this be right?
This survey compares prices in resorts as opposed to the actual cost of the holiday and checks nine individual items. They include such items as cigarettes and a UK newspaper. Now when you consider some of those some have always been cheaper like the cigarettes. And only about 25% of people smoke so for 75% there are no savings. A UK newspapers always more expensive abroad and how many people buy them when you’re abroad anyway. Judging by the overseas circulations, not many. This could well be the case when the basket of items needs to be updated to reflect what real people buy; postcards, stamps, a 3 minute mobile phone call as well as the meal and the price of drinks. And what about bread, cheese and some items of fruit?
Even allowing for my criticisms, Goa seems to be the cheapest place at £14.10 for the 9 items. Its £30.75 in Cuba, £34.01 in Egypt, £42.50 in Majorca, £34.66 in Spain and £45.38 in Cyprus but £48.51 in the UK. Coffee costs only20p in Goa but a whopping £4 in Egypt.
Perception is everything and the insurer, LV has issued a survey saying that a quarter of UK adults will holiday in the UK because of the cost. The responders estimate that a week in the UK will cost them on average £477 whilst those going abroad will spend £728. That’s a pretty big saving for the 25% LV says will holiday in the UK. But will they? Estimates by holiday makers can be inaccurate because prices vary where you shop. Until you get to your destination you won’t know what you’ll pay.
Both surveys are probably a bit misleading. It’s up to you. It might be cheaper if you buy carefully either abroad or here. What neither says is that overall prices like food and travel have gone up wherever you are so wherever you go it will probably cost you more than last year.

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