Body Scanners to be introduced at US Airports

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Last week, the New York Times said that the familiar walk through metal scanners that are seen at airports anywhere in the world will be replaced in the US. What will succeed it will be body imaging devices which amount to a virtual strip search. This has been tested for some time and it is reported that these tests having been successful,the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)wanted them to become standard at all US airports.
Critics claim that the images amount to an invasion of privacy as it provides detailed naked images. Supporters say that the images are anonymised and will not be stored after screeing is completed. Some members of the European Parliament claim that such equipment violates our data protection legislation and the fundamental rights of people.
So is this a genuine security device that will help stop potential terrorist outrages and smuggling or will this be be, as some claim, a use of technology that won’t really add to the existing security measures.
You have to make that decision but it does look, at least in the US, that this is what the future will be.

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