Child Free Zones on Planes

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TripAdvisor has reported the results of a survey claiming that 79% of us believe that there should be child free areas on planes. Interestingly they asked whether people had children in the first place and of those who had them, a pretty substantial 71% also thought that there should be areas set aside for child free passengers.
But it was a small survey. Only 509 people were polled and since families with children make up only about a third of the population, it could be that only about 170 people had children.
On that basis there are 170 people like me who wouldn’t mind a children free area. And probably we would also want a mobile phone free area, a fat person free area, a body odour free person area and other free areas as well depending on our personal preferences. The list could be endless. An area where I couldn’t hear Microsoft Windows or Vistas little opening and closing jingle. An area where I couldn’t smell coffee. (genuinely, freshly made coffee makes me feel ill). An area where people weren’t talking loudly as I tried to sleep.
But let’s face it; it isn’t going to happen on most planes. They are just too small.
Maybe on the big Airbus 380 or the Boeing 747’s but anywhere else is impractical.
Now if we had spaceships or a plane like a cruise ship we could partition off areas and put crying children in one, smelly armpit people in another and so on. And because I may be the only coffee hating person in the world, I would have an area all to myself.
Now that would attract me to a particular airline!

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