British Airways: Fit for Purpose

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Last week I flew on BA for the first time in about six months. In that time BA has faced all the problems that airlines have had; increasing fuel prices and then hedging fuel at high prices or at high insurance rates, lower demand from its premium paying passengers and the difficulties of merging with Iberia (and before that, Qantas.)
The last time I think I wrote about BA was after the Heathrow terminal 5 opening disaster which, by anybodies view, was a public relations foul-up and brought considerably justified criticism to both BA and BAA.
I have been using Ryanair and easyJet quite a bit this year for the reason that we all do, cost.
So going back and flying BA reminded me of the differences.
And what differences!
No hard sell by the cabin crew; no trumpeting to say we had landed 30 seconds early; no knees bunched up against the seat in front; no walking across the tarmac in the rain or cold; no jostling for seats or being fleeced for carrying baggage.
In my forty minute flight to Manchester there was time for a hot breakfast which had the strange feat of tasting like food despite the fact that it had been heated up in an oven on the plane.
It was all so different and served the purpose; efficient without being hurried; polite without being persuasive and reliable with all the experience that the staff have accrued.
What a difference

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