Slumdog Millionaire and Mama Mia attract Tourists

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In the past, I have mentioned the effect that films and TV shows can have on local tourism long after those have been made. But of course there is an immediate effect as well and, given the recession, two countries that could do quite nicely from it are India and Greece.
The success of Slumdog Millionaire has resulted in the setting up of tours to visit the slums of Mumbai. People seem to want to see the real slums on which some of the film is based so tours of Dharavi, not only the largest slum in Mumbai but the largest in Asia, are growing. The numbers are still small but who would have thought, before this film, that people would want to visit it at all.
Greece, on the other hand, has attracted tourists for millennia. But it has the euro so British tourists have been put off because of the rise in costs. But not all have been put off so Mama Mia has helped reduce the downturn that many were expecting and while the theatre version continues to be played across the world, they have some comfort.
Likewise in Asia.
They may not have films to bolster tourist numbers but things do not seem to be all doom and gloom there. New forecasts from a trade group, PATA, (Pacific) that visitors to South East Asian countries will rise from 62 to 77 million by 2011. Across the Pacific, Chile is forecast to do well although getting there from the UK is not the easiest at present and few tour operators offer packages there. Only Sri Lanka and Burma (Myanamar) are expected to experience declines.
But al Sri Lanka may need to do is to come up with an award winning feelgood film set locally and it could all alter.

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