April Fool’s Day: But Would You Notice?

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It’s that day again.
I did think that maybe I should create a blog that would make you immediately believe a fanciful story such as the BBC’s Spaghetti Harvest or the Guardian’s San Serife but there is a problem in travel. There are so many stories which you would think were an April Fool’s joke if they hadn’t already happened.
Mr O’Leary’s suggestion at Ryanair of charging to use the toilets on board their planes is one example that comes to mind. The British government’s decision to double the airport passenger duty tax is another. Someone winning against Ryanair’s reluctance to compensate them could be an April fool except that that is just what happened in Sweden. Our government taking almost 60 years to implement a suggestion made then to create a national park based on the South Downs could be an April Fool except that it was announced yesterday so I suppose it will really happen this time.
There have been so many surveys in the last few months demonstrating that, because of the economic conditions and the low value of the pound, people would holiday at home in greater numbers. Maybe that’s not an April Fool joke,- just a summary of the blindingly obvious.
So here’s an April Fool story that no-one will believe. Economy seats on airlines will be wider, more comfortable and you’ll be able to lie down in them. Food will be edible, no plane will be stacked at Heathrow because they will land first time and the crying baby will not be seated next to you or even on your flight. Hotels will have standard showers so we don’t spend ages trying to figure out how to turn them on and restaurants won’t automatically add the tips in to the bill. There will be no air traffic control strikes and no ferry workers’ strikes in Europe this summer and British weather will be sunny and warm yet not enough to have the government appoint a minister for drought.
No. That’s not an April Fool joke.
That’s a pipe dream!

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