Fairer fares from Wrexham and Shropshire

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Starting the 30 March, one rail company is introducing standard fares. The price charged for peak fares which is often significantly above those available later in the day has gone. Regardless of what time of the day you travel the fares will be the same price.
Such is the claim from the newish company, Wrexham & Shropshire which operates trains from Wrexham, Shrewsbury and Telford in to London. The price will be £53 return from Wrexham and £40 from Shrewsbury and Telford. And these prices will be the same even if you buy them on a train.
Quite often if you buy tickets on a train, you will be charged the highest fares so this move is to be welcomed by many who have to travel at the last movement.
Wrexham & Shropshire only run four trains a day in each direction and face competition from Virgin who provide services from Shrewsbury and Telford. Their fares are considerably higher but only for last minute tickets.
I get more comments about rail pricing than nearly anything else and any attempt to make clearer what fares actually are is great for the consumer. A group of 4 travelling from Shrewsbury to London for a weekend break will be charged £160;- about the same price I was charged for a day return to York from Guildford when I had to buy it at the last moment. Yet if I had known 3 weeks previously I could have only paid about £30.
No wonder people use cars

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