Bath:The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Britain

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Where are the most expensive hotel rooms in Britain? Most people, me included, would probably say London but according to the accommodation booking site,, the most expensive place is Bath. The average cost of a hotel room over the last three months was £119 per night whereas London was £111. London, incidentally, was the second most expensive place.
The first question you ask yourself when you see information like this is,- is it accurate? use the actual price paid by people booking over the website not the published prices given by the hotels. From that point of view it does reflect real prices. The second question you ask is how many bookings or hotels does it represent? For Bath, 28 hotels are covered by them which is a good number since it ranges from 5 star hotels to B&B;’s. But how many bookings did they take over that three month period for the 28 hotels concerned? That I do not know. If it was only a few, then the results may not be accurate.
So I thought I’d look to see how many places provided accommodation in Bath and the surrounding 10 miles. The Visit Bath website lists 64 properties. TripAdvisor has comments on 39 and the Enjoy England website has 40 hotels, over 100 guesthouses, B&B;’s and camp sites. has between 90 and 130 depending on which page of their website you are on. So I still don’t know whether the 28 covered by is a reasonable number to draw conclusions about or not. And I still don’t know whether Bath really is the most expensive place for accommodation or not.
You pays your money and you takes your choice

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