Dear Sky Steward

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Let me introduce you to a website/blog that may help flyers amongst or you. And if you aren’t a flyer try it for its amusement value. is a US based website run by Gailen David. He offers advice on “jetiquette” like not putting bare feet onto the back of the seat in front of you and how to use your mobile phone. Most of it is written from an amusing angle (well I found it so) but its not for your average flyer. He has a penchant for the luxurious (mind you, so might we all if we could afford it) but underlying his piece is something we can all laud. he wants to make flying pleasant again.
As he campaigns to become America’s next airline CEO (not a great chance to be honest) he raises issues this blog has raised before and which I think we all want such as shorter queues when you check-in your baggage and softer flourescent lighting on board. (Anyone on Ryanair who has noticed the glare of their lights with the striking blue/yellow decor will know what I mean)
He also believes that one person can make a difference to the enjoyment of a passengers flight. It comes down to service. It doesn’t having to be gushing; it doesn’t have to be “over the top” with false fixed smiles. It just need to be polite, helpful with out being intrusive, caring with out being inquisitive and above all, efficient.

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