Ryanair: New Check-in rules for Baggage

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From tomorrow, 19th March there will be some new rules for checking in hold baggage. You can now check-in your hold baggage online but there will be a charge of £5. If you continue to use the airport check-in facilities, the price has risen slightly from £9.50 to £10.
Up until then, you could only check-in online if you were an EU citizen. That changes and non-EU citizens will be allowed to check-in online as will those people who have reduced mobility.
So what does this mean?
It is the first part of the changes that Ryanair is bringing in over the next six months so that checking in at the airport eventually ends. The only method of check-in after October 1st will be online. At present it is estimated that 75% of people do check-in online so on the face of it it will not affect that many.
Think again.
Ryanair’s decision will affect millions of pasengers. In 2008, they carried over 55 million passengers it is thought so over 13 million passengers will be affected by these rule changes. That’s a lot of passengers they may annoy but does that matter to them?
On the other hand, checking in online has substantially reduced queues at airports leaving only the security queues to exasperate passengers at certain times of the day. Some have claimed it is discriminatory against those that have no computers and it will be interesting to see if anyone takes that to court for a ruling.
All of those travelling with just hand baggage will still have no fee to pay.
For the time being.
See the Ryanair feature, http://www.justabouttravel.net/en_ryanair_competition.php for a competion started by Ryanair about people’s ides of what Ryanair will charge for next!

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