Now BA joins the “Milk the Passenger” Club

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We’ve got used to Ryanair, easyjet, Flybe and the other no frills airlines charging you for using a credit card. When I booked a flight up to Glasgow this morning I deliberately picked BA because I thought I might have to take some hold luggage with me and the price difference was about what it would cost me to take baggage on a no-frills airline.
I was surprised though to find I was going to get stung £4 by BA for paying for the flight on a Mastercard. In fairness to BA, the £4 fee was for using the card and not for each leg of the journey like the no-frills charge so it wasn’t as exorbitant as it could be. Nonetheless, the announcement that they were going to charge passed me by completely.
It looks like this will be the way of the airline world now. To spend your money, you are going to get charged. How do you get around it?
Use a debit card? Yes at the moment there are no charges on BA. In the future? Who knows.
Pay cash? How?
It is as iniquitous as the charge you can’t get out of paying when you buy cinema, theatre or concert tickets online. Up pops the handling charge or the service charge.
I’m beginning to wonder whether it will be easier for me to send out a tender document and invite airlines to bid for my custom.
No that can’t be right. That sounds as though the customer is king and blatantly, the customer is the serf to do just as airlines bid.

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