London, a Bargain for Tourists?

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In New York last week, Reuters sponsored a tourism conference last week. One feature that seemed to be agreed on by the chief executives of a number of online travel sites was that London was one of the bargains for travelling Americans in 2009. (I think they probably mean Britain as well.)
The reason?
Currency fluctuations.
That helps overseas visitors since the pound has dropped quite a bit against the American dollar, the euro and a lot of other currencies. As well as that, air fares have dropped and tour operators bringing incoming tourists to Britain have held or reduced prices.
But is it better value for Britons to come to London now as well?
Hotel prices have dropped but most of us felt some were pretty expensive already. Adverts in the papers by hotel chains offering 3 nights for the price of 2 and other deals make accommodation look cheaper but since travel by business people is down, those hotels catering for them have more rooms free. And if a hotel is built on a business park, then at the weekends, these places are fairly empty. So, if there is transport or you have a car then these are the places worth considering.
But there are other costs.
As I have written before, travelling on the bus and tube in London is expensive compared to the likes of Edinburgh, Sheffield and Cardiff to name but three. But you can walk. London is bigger than Paris to walk around but, if you plan, there is a lot to see in fairly small areas.
And London has lots of free museums and events to see so I think it can be done less expensively.
But a bargain for Brits as well as overseas visitors? I’m not so sure about that.

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