Britain’s Biggest Tourist Attractions

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Unlike my blog of Saturday about AOL, this list of the biggest UK tourist attractions is based on substance and fact. This is a list of those attractions who draw the biggest amount of visitors. So the voting panel is not one but millions. And to be fair, it includes only those places that are members of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. ( for the full list see
So which place came first?
The British Museum had nearly 6 million visitors, up 9.5% on 2007 and was followed by Tate Modern with 4.9 million ( down by 6%) and the National Gallery with 4.4 million visitors (up 6%.) All of these are open to the public free of charge which may explain why so many visit.
The first entrant ( in sixth place) where you have to pay to go in is the Tower of London with 2.2 million visitors. People are voting with their feet so the Tower has only about 40% of the visitors compared to the top free attraction.
Outside London, a and just ahead of Chester Zoo was the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow with 1.45 million visitors. The next was Edinburgh Castle.
St Fagans was the leading Welsh attraction with 620,000 visitors.
Some obvious attractions are not included like Blackpool Pleasure Beach and popularity often depends on what exhibitions are running, what new events or attractions have been introduced and how they have appealed to you the visitor.

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