Britain’s Biggest Eyesores

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That was the title given to one of those AOL headline grabbing stories that ISP’s love to run every other moment of the day. Was it voted for by the great British Public? Or visiting tourists? Or anyone at all? It was probably either decided by some “experts” or a panel or plucked from the air.
Obviously designed to get you to click on it when you get to the web page (well it worked; I did!) maybe it is nothing more than linking you to another page where there are adverts. And from the adverts they make money.
Amongst the ten is, at number 1, Buckingham Palace, at number 7, the Scottish Parliament Building and at number 10, The Millennium Dome/O2 Centre. All 3 are quite iconic. All 3 are instantly recognisable. All 3 feature widely on postcards and all 3 attract tourists. If they were eyesores in the eyes of everyone, no-one would go there.
But they do.
AOL seems to be passing off one persons opinion (or 2, or 3 but not many) as suggesting that a large number of people believe them to be eyesores which is a little unfair to the buildings on the list. Why not say, “This is what I think; what about your views?”

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