UK Travel Bookings Boom?

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Sometimes if you only read the media you might be forgiven that all is doom and gloom. (Some would say that the media has substantially contributed to this because they only go for lurid headlines believing that “good news” stories don’t sell)
This week I have been with real people, hoteliers and coach companies at the Travel Trade Britain Show in Birmingham and I hear a different story. A number of hoteliers such as Aston Hotels and Best Western were among many who were saying that bookings were up and they were actually booking business at the show. (That’s not very usual at trade shows)
Ok you say, they are exaggerating the state of business because people don’t like to admit that business is slow. Everyone wants you to believe they are doing better than they really are. Not this time. I was there for two days and very close to a number of stands for hour after hour so I could see who was coming, how long they stayed and it wasn’t only old pals talking to old pals (again something that happens at these shows.) It wasn’t all good news. Some others weren’t doing very good business so I don’t want you to think all is rosy.
But the Nationwide confidence survey has shown a 2 percentage point rise in customer confidence and a small poll by PwC, the big accounting and consultancy firm has also shown that financial worries amongst British consumers is declining.
Green shoots sprouting? Possibly but maybe it was never quite as bad as things were made out to be.

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