Confusing Rules at easyjet

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All are aware that airlines, particularly no-frills airlines are trying everything to charge passengers more and more money on top of their ticket prices. That way, on the surface, they still appear cheap.
But rules are rules. Or are they?
There is a hand baggage weight limit on Ryanair but I have yet to see it enforced. Just like the bag size. I have seen people struggling with bags that would never fit in the equipment that is at check-ins as a guide to sizes.
On easyjet, they have no weight limit. Virtually if you can lift it and place it under the seat or in the overhead lockers you can get away with it. One of the good pieces of news. But easyjet have a one carry-on bag limit (which, again, I have yet to see enforced.)
When you check-in on line up boxes a red highlighted box which says that you will be denied boarding without any recourse to refunds if you have more than one piece of hand luggage or if the bag exceeds the dimensions that easyjet allows. It doesn’t say “may” be denied boarding. I says “will” be denied boarding. You have to tick a box confirming you understand and you cannot proceed until you tick that box. OK that seems pretty clear as well.
But further down in smaller print it says that if you decide to check in the bag at the airport that is OK. And when you get to the gate, I have heard easyjet crew say the same thing. So actually you may not be denied boarding because up until the actual time you get your boarding pass checked before getting on the plane you can still check your bag. With no punishment. So why the heavy hand earlier on when it is virtually countermanded a few paragraphs later and again, at the gate?
Is this another case of trying to scare you into checking in baggage, and at a price, just in case.

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