Essex and Local Tourism

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Yesterday I spent part of the day in the Brentwood Centre.
Because each year on one day, there is held the Tourism & Leisure Show ( which is organised by Essex Tourism Association even to the extent that they lay on a free bus to collect you from Shenfield station and ferry you on a Clintona mini coach to the Centre.
Unlike the big consumer shows held in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and London, (see our list of consumer travel events) this show showcases local tourism;- places which aren’t that far to travel to- and it’s free to get in. Even then, there were 52exhibitors offering a range of attractions and destinations. They weren’t where you would necessarily go for two weeks but where you’d go out for a day or a weekend.
Perhaps the problem with big consumer shows is that they try to be all things to all people;- to cater for the world globetrotter, the bowls group as well as the person who wants somewhere to wander off to for an afternoon. It is believed that most people, for a short break or a day out will rarely travel more than about two hours. So for the people of Brentwood and the rest of Essex, the exhibitors were just about right. All were within reach although the reach stretched from Norfolk Tourism to the Isle of Wight
By midday, the Centre was pretty busy and the exhibitors that I talked to seemed pretty happy with it. But then so did the visitors. But why on a Thursday? Lots of potential visitors were working. A day at the weekend might attract even more people.
And days like this throughout the country attracting people to local attractions might give a welcome shot in the arm to local economies this year.

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