What Makes the Worst UK Tourist Destinations

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A week or so ago, AOL ran a little feature listing the 10 worst destinations for tourists in the UK. Apart from 1 in Wales (Holyhead) and 1 in Scotland (Cumbernauld) all were in England. (Well done Northern Ireland for not making the list.)
Some of them seem a little unfair. Wolverhampton has a lot going for it and Hackney has a very vibrant feel to it with some good restaurants that beckon.
How did AOL choose?
Was there one of those online polls so beloved of the media where only those who feel so motivated to do so vote. Is it by those who live there and loathe it or is it voted for by those who just see the publicity but have never been there. I could vote for Worcester where I went to school and hated the place. But the hate was for the school, not the place. (the school doesn’t exist any more, it’s long been torn down) The Tything has a Tudor character second to none. There is good shopping and if I had not explained, Worcester would have been maligned for ever in this blog
Remember last year when we asked you to vote in the British Travel Awards? Some of the awards can only be voted for if the service had been used and maybe that should apply to polls like these.

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