The Mary Rose to get a New Home

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Portsmouth City Council has given planning permission for a museum to be built to house the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship which sank in 1545.
There is a design already, one created by the architects, Wilkinson Eyre, (who designed the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea). It is to be in shape of a jewellery box and should be ready in 2011. As with all these things, money is an issue for the Mary Rose Trust .( The bill for the new museum will be 335 million. £28 million has been pledged so only £7 million needs to be found. To put it in language that we are getting accustomed to, about half days worth of money that HBOS seems to have lost in the last three months. So not a lot then.
When the Mary Rose emerged from the water in 1982, I like many others was watching it live on television. It was an extraordinary event to see a yellow cocooned structure holding the timbers of half a ship. Seeing it later when it was being doused in liquid to preserve the timbers and shivering as I watched it was hard sometimes to see it as Henry VIII must have done.
When all is done it would be nice to think that it will be as well presented as the Vasa is in Stockholm. Housed in its own museum, ( the Vasa was salvaged in 1961 and now sits resplendent, the only intact seventeenth century warship.

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