The White Horse Angel of the South

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Just in time for the Olympics, (so its still 3 years away then) organisers have announced that Mark Wallinger, a former Turner prize winner, has been selected to build a giant statue of a white horse in north Kent. Given the success in attracting tourists to the Angel of the North near Gateshead, this is an attempt to replicate that success.
But will it?
Probably. Anything that will stand 50 metres tall (say 150 foot) can’t help but get noticed. But being so tall and being on comparativly flat land means that people won’t have to travel that close to see it.
And there will be jokes. A white horse may be the symbol of Kent but it is also a brand of Scotch and a well known pub name. Jokes about where the wagon is, is the horse waiting there because its owner is in the pub and the jockey must be enormous and obvious and clean ones. I make no other comment about other likely jokes but there will be many!
It has still to get planning permission so there is a chnace it may not be created.
Whatever happens, public sculpture does draw tourists so even if a 50 metre pile of rubbish was put up it would attract people. Now where do the obligatory cafe and the public conveniences go?

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